[tbb-bugs] #23545 [Applications/Tor Browser]: UX improvement: Tor Browser should handle bogus HSv3 addresses

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#23545: UX improvement: Tor Browser should handle bogus HSv3 addresses
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 We talked with GeKo and nickm today about this. The Right Way to do this
 is to use the `HTTPTunneLPort` option which provides an `HTTP CONNECT`
 proxy, which is more extensible than the SOCKS proxy we are currently
 using when it comes to errors etc.

 Unfortunately, currently TB does not use the HTTP CONNECT proxy, so we
 would need to do some tinkering especially when it comes to first-party
 isolation etc. Supposedly the little-t-tor side supports first-party
 isolation using the `X-Tor-Stream-Isolation` header or the `Proxy-
 Authorization` header, but it's been widely untested.

 Furthermore we would need to start a spec file (maybe on the tbb side)
 defining the new error codes that we would use for this deliverable and
 also for o2a4.

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