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Mon Apr 8 19:22:46 UTC 2019

#29837: Include Tor Browser data from Google Play
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 Moving this on our radar and documenting the discussion we had today at
 our weekly meeting:
 18:04 < pili> I saw this ticket last week: #29837
 18:05 < pili> and I thought it could be a nice one to discuss during this
 18:05 < pili> even though it's not a priority
 18:05 < pili> just if anyone has any thoughts/ideas
 18:06 < antonela> metrics is the place where that info should live, imo
 18:07 < GeKo> yes, agreed
 18:07 < sysrqb> hrm
 18:07 < GeKo> but karsten has good points we should address
 18:08 < pili> for example, is there any data that needs to be anonymised?
 18:09 < sysrqb> i expect yes
 18:09 < sysrqb> or at least bucketed
 18:10 < sysrqb> for example, they give us stats on which devices have
 installed the app and the count of each device
 18:11 < antonela> is there any information about hardware?
 18:11 < sysrqb> i belive we can get country-specific data, as well
 18:11 < sysrqb> butt we should be careful with that information
 18:11 < antonela> like, the most downloaded device
 18:11 < antonela> android version is helpful too
 18:11 < mcs> Some of the device info that Google collects could (nearly)
 uniquely identify a person. We should discard the long tail for sure.
 18:12 < sysrqb> antonela: yes, we can get that information
 18:12 < sysrqb> mcs: yes, for sure
 18:12 < antonela> great, that can be really useful for setting up some QA
 workflow in the future
 18:13 < sysrqb> yep
 18:13 < sysrqb> pili: so, yes :)
 18:14 < boklm> maybe we should drop the devices/android versions with less
 than 100 users
 18:14 < GeKo> i guess we can tag that with our monthly tag and get to it
 after 8.5 is in shape
 18:14 < sisbell> Yeah, you could correlate OEM device type, and carrier to
 get precise info on a specific user
 18:14 < sysrqb> pili: hopefully i'll be able to pick up this ticket, and a
 few others after the release is out

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