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#29835: Include Android as a Tor Browser platform
 Reporter:  sysrqb           |          Owner:  metrics-team
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:3 karsten]:
 > Here are requests matching the `tor-browser*.apk` pattern over the past
 six months:
 > {{{
 > webstats=> SELECT resource_string, SUM(count) AS count
 > webstats-> FROM files NATURAL JOIN requests NATURAL JOIN resources
 > webstats-> WHERE resource_string LIKE '%tor-browser%.apk'
 > webstats-> AND log_date >= '2018-10-01'
 > webstats-> GROUP BY 1
 > webstats-> ORDER BY 2 DESC
 > webstats-> LIMIT 25;
 >                           resource_string                           |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a6/tor-browser-8.5a6-android-armv7-multi.apk        |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a8/tor-browser-8.5a8-android-armv7-multi.apk        |
 >  /torbrowser/mobile/1.0a3/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a3.apk         |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a7/tor-browser-8.5a7-android-armv7-multi.apk        |
 >  /torbrowser/mobile/1.0a2/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a2.apk         |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a6/tor-browser-8.5a6-android-armv7-multi.apk   |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a8/tor-browser-8.5a8-android-armv7-multi.apk   |
 >  /torbrowser/mobile/1.0a1/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a1.apk         |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/mobile/1.0a3/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a3.apk    |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a5/tor-browser-8.5a5-android-armv7.apk              |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a7/tor-browser-8.5a7-android-armv7-multi.apk   |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a9/tor-browser-8.5a9-android-armv7-multi.apk        |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/mobile/1.0a2/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a2.apk    |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a10/tor-browser-8.5a10-android-armv7-multi.apk      |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/mobile/1.0a1/tor-browser-android-arm-1.0a1.apk    |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a5/tor-browser-8.5a5-android-armv7.apk         |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a9/tor-browser-8.5a9-android-x86-multi.apk          |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a9/tor-browser-8.5a9-android-armv7-multi.apk   |
 >  /torbrowser/8.5a10/tor-browser-8.5a10-android-x86-multi.apk        |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a10/tor-browser-8.5a10-android-armv7-multi.apk |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a6/tor-browser-8.5a6-android-armv7.apk         |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a9/tor-browser-8.5a9-android-x86-multi.apk     |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/mobile/8.0.6/tor-browser-android-arm-8.0.6.apk    |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/8.5a10/tor-browser-8.5a10-android-x86-multi.apk   |
 >  /dist/torbrowser/mobile/8.0.5/tor-browser-android-arm-8.0.5.apk    |
 > (25 rows)
 > }}}
 > Which of these would you want to have included in a graph?

 Not the 8.0.x ones as there was never a 8.0.x to begin with. That makes me
 wonder how many of those requests got actually a .apk back. Do we know
 that? For instance, we only keep the last two Tor Browser versions on
 `dist` for both the alpha and the stable series. It's not clear from your
 data above which of those requests to `dist` missed that "2 releases-
 window" and which not. Obviously, we only want to have the latter in our

 > Assuming we're making a new graph for Tor on Android, what would you
 want to have included in that graph? More specifically:
 >  - What's the difference between the 1.0, the 8.0, and the 8.5 series?
 Are these the major versions you'd like to distinguish?

 There was never a 8.0.x release and all releases so far were alpha
 releases. Thus, there is no major version to distinguish yet. We switched
 at some point to the 8.5 scheme as we a) wanted to do that anyway at some
 point as we plan to ship bundles for Android with Tor Browser 8.5 as well
 and b) when reaching the reproducible builds milestone the bundle
 resembled the 8.5 alpha enough that we thought we can now switch to the
 regular alpha naming scheme.

 >  - Do you care about the `armv7` and `x86` distinction? What about

 Yes, to the former. Android bundles were at some point in the past only
 `en-US` bundles. That changed with the advent of `-multi` which now
 contains all locales we support. I don't expect that to go away again.
 Thus, we don't need to differentiate between `-multi` and `en-US` for now
 at least.

 >  - Why do some resource strings start with `/torbrowser/`, others with
 `/dist/torbrowser/`, and even others with `/dist/torbrowser/mobile/`? Are
 these all basically the same?

 I suspect some folks are downloading the bundles from our homepage and
 some are getting it from `dist` (see the `dist` caveat above). Before we
 switched to the 8.5 alpha naming scheme for mobile we put the bundles into
 /dist/torbrowser/mobile/ to have them somewhere we could link to from our
 website but at a place that was separate from the regular alphas. This is
 gone now and won't used again. I.e. all .apks on dist will show up in
 either the alpha related directories or the stable ones. So, yes, they
 essentially give you THE .apk you want.

 >  - I didn't look at response codes yet. Are there any redirects in

 Good question. As far as I know there should not be any redirects in place
 (modulo the ones we currently need for the new website).

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