[tbb-bugs] #26176 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Display .onion services with "mixed" content in circuit display properly

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#26176: Display .onion services with "mixed" content in circuit display properly
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 Assume you have an .onion service (say: https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/)
 that includes clear-text resources (e.g. an ad iframe like https://bci-

 What should the circuit display show as the circuit for this site?
 Clearly, the requests for the .onion service (and respective resources)
 and the the requests semming from the iframe can't go over the same
 circuit. Thus, there is no way the circuit display can show only one
 circuit for loading all of the website (as it ideally would).

 What is happening right now: the circuit display first shows the .onion
 circuit. But then when the clearnet requests are issued, the code we have
 just replaces the first three hops of the .onion circuit with the nodes
 used for the clearnet resources retaining the other three hops in the
 display which gives the impression everything is sent over an .onion

 It seems to me this is suboptimal. Better would be not to update the
 circuit display with the information from the clearnet circuit. But there
 might be an even better solution we want to deploy

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