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Fri May 18 04:53:15 UTC 2018

#26125: Javascript's localStorage/sessionStorage is not working.
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 To whom it may concern,

 We're allowing Tor users to read our websites. We are using sessionStorage
 to save temporary information.

 Unfortunatelly some Tor users reported us about Javascript error, and we
 downloaded your software to check their claim.

 Steps to reproduce:
 1. Open Tor Browser.
 2. Open any website, such as this current page
 3. Press [F12] key to open "Developer Tools" and click "Console".
 4. Type "sessionStorage.length".

 SecurityError: The operation is insecure.

 It seems your browser's Storage API is broken.
 We have no problems when we tried latest Mozilla Firefox and Google

 Result (Firefox 60):

 Please fix your browser to meet Mozilla's default standard.

 Rick W.

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