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#25694: Activity 3.1: Improve the user experience of updating Tor Browser
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:10 antonela]:
 > As was decided at last meeting, I have been working with FF60 UI/UX
 > So far, we have this user flow once TB opens
 > We also discussed to remove the 'Never check for updates' and 'Check for
 updates but let you choose to install them' user options in
 `about:preferences`. In that case, the user flow is going to look like

 Not necessarily. We don't back out support for non-automatic updates, we
 just remove the UI for making this option easier accessible. It's still
 possible to flip the respective preferences in `about:config` and this
 option won't go away.

 > Considerations using FF60 Update flow
 > **Tor Browser is Outdated**
 > When Tor Browser tells to users that an update is available and users
 delay the restart by clicking [not now], I propose to:
 > 1. load a new tab with 1.0 and keep the red restart notification at the
 Menu button OR
 > 2. keep the red dot at the Menu button without load a new tab.

 I think 2. is enough at least for now (we can iterate later on that if we
 think that's necessary).

 > If we will keep the notification at the Menu button, what does happen
 when the user wants to open the menu? Has FF60 a kind of notification bar
 as we have now?
 > https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/25694/TTB-

 I tried a bit but could not get it to work. But maybe I need to try harder
 or look at the code. So, I don't know. But having this bar on the menu,
 shown in red as the item on the hamburger menu button, sounds helpful to

 > If not, could the warning notification bubble be placed at the Tor
 Button? Could we have a notification banner like the menu button have
 right now but at the Tor Button Menu? If you think this is the way, I'll
 mockup it.

 No, we should get rid of things in Torbutton. I would like to have the
 update related item gone in the menu and not a new one at its place.

 > **Downloading Package Feedback**
 > Check
 We can use the same doorhanger to keep the activity on the same side of
 the window and use the Download icon to illustrate what is happening under
 the hoods.

 Sounds good to me. As I said in the meeting if we want to get fancy we
 could show the remaining time of the download (Firefox is doing so when
 downloading normal stuff, so there is already UI and logic available for
 the general case). But I am fine deferring that to an iteration.

 > This proposal is useful because we are using a default browser behavior
 for downloading so users can easily identify that a download is
 progressing. Right after it finishes, we should open the Menu icon's
 doorhanger like img 1.2. I made two options:

 We should not introduce another color for the state of "update is ready
 but user has not decided yet whether to restart or not". Just go with the
 red one + some words as you suggested to hint at this being important.

 > Another option could be using the same icon we have by default at the
 Menu icon and then open a doorhanger explaining the downloading. A ↓ icon,
 instead of the ↑ used now, makes more sense for users to illustrate that
 something is downloading.

 The "up icon" used by Mozilla serves a different purpose: it's meant to
 illustrate to the user that they are *up*dating the Firefox version I
 think (not *down*loading something because that's essentially not
 important to a "normal" user and rightly so; they just want to have the
 latest Firefox). So, we can essentially use both depending on what we want
 to stress in which context (the updating or the download ongoing).

 > **Tor Browser is Updated**
 > It is fancy what Firefox has right now
 > But it seems like it has some of the problems mentioned above, eg. line
 of death. So, my proposal here is: once user restarts, the message in
 `about:tor` updates and we keep for a few seconds a Check icon at the
 right Menu button. I'm not sure how Firefox is showing any feedback at
 menu icon by default (or if they are doing it at least), but I made a blue
 and green options for it.

 What is the (green or blue) icon on the menu for? To show some continuity
 given that there was a red icon before there? I am inclined to think we
 don't need that especially given the big and prominent notice on the start

 What happened to the changelog? I think we should add a way to have it
 easily accessible on the "you just updated"-page. I remember a bunch of
 folks being happy to have the changelog easily visible after update.

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