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Mon May 14 15:08:15 UTC 2018

#25543: Rebase Tor Browser patches for ESR60
 Reporter:  gk                        |          Owner:  arthuredelstein
     Type:  task                      |         Status:  needs_revision
 Priority:  Very High                 |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  TorBrowserTeam201805      |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:  #25741                    |         Points:
 Reviewer:                            |        Sponsor:
Changes (by gk):

 * status:  assigned => needs_revision


 Here is what I have so far. I am looking at 25543+8 and am moving upwards
 the commits Arthur pointed out in comment:6. The full git commit hash is
 the commit I looked at and the abbreviated in parentheses matches the
 one(s) in comment:6.

 The fixup commits make the reviewing a bit harder: Arthur, could you just
 create new branches next time with stuff squashed (waiting until a
 reasonably large amount of fixups have accumulated is fine, too). At least
 having fixups on the review branch makes things harder for me. Anway, here
 are my notes up to and including 4c9f746f2c19

 15aab7d9640bebad5da4fe66535fe2646618cd73 -- good (b7ba24e9438c)
 bc25026f2b7e77f5bc4b060fff7d52efc96a9286 -- good (3efb1fb5990a)
 da7624af1f3d7cfd9878d1ef78f8212912bf00f3 -- good (7151b7736fbc)
 7da50e7f9f892cb3f3e76d65e73f07051e771f02 -- good (83e40fc55843)
 c078d465c98e224167c549ea03068e0d7455ad14 -- not okay (d9ffdac205cc)

 fixed by 7e662c674e6089364aef5db63a24a1a78ea071ee

 423b01125604d1ddcf5f0ddd7a613a9bfeb1969a -- good (7190f7e52771)
 ef922fccd70ccf4def676097a652cc83d68684e7 -- not okay (6e18348d3fa2)

 unresolved conflict
      // Send tab key events.
 +<<<<<<< HEAD
      synthesizeKey("KEY_Tab", {shiftKey: activateShift});
 +    var key = SpecialPowers.Ci.nsIDOMKeyEvent.DOM_VK_TAB;
 +    utils.sendKeyEvent("keydown", key, 0, modifier);
 +    utils.sendKeyEvent("keypress", key, 0, modifier);
 +    utils.sendKeyEvent("keyup", key, 0, modifier);
 +>>>>>>> febbeedade21... Bug 2874: Block Components.interfaces from
 c567b8a14692dda0e43f01c9e472eb7b8244bb54 -- good (c91cc92acf64)
 db22daac349cda4aeb7594451b1a37c4b73e0d5c -- good (05c64bde4a76)
 3ac50c1adf35c931cbb89493b38d5a5c9d4662bc -- not okay (4fd7433d2b79)

 not necessary as ripped out by the patch for 19910 (95ad1e098907), thus
 both should go

 a2acdd19161c87a6cb39f03ca03dde80c68f8e34 -- good (9a13c4dd4d89)
 840833f13ee9cb64c8e2a248ffc43504dc828f09 -- not okay (f05b2599c291)
 + nsXPIDLString killTitle;
 +    sb->FormatStringFromName(titleKey, params, 1,
 we should use |nsAutoString| as well and not |nsXPIDLString|
 |killMessage| is now of type |nsAutoString|, so don't use
 anymore like the unpatched code does

 (seems this got fixed up in 0185a3889ea1f2d7e1262eeb5e3a4b04ba350d00,
 though, which is good but confusing, could you fix this up in the commit
 it belongs to?)

 0185a3889ea1f2d7e1262eeb5e3a4b04ba350d00 -- okay (c8fbfdb5b0e7)
 dbc9bd2f05b3728f222bc76b921542837124e237 -- okay (c38fc187252c)
 1708d1f2330ee1766fd554841c3e5c054ec6baf2 -- okay (6bbe63c3f3b8)
 8a0fca52fafbeaf92198d1daec00cbe1aaaffc59 -- okay (ba2620e0c91d)
 1470089f3a2160f03e950536f1f0376b689f4b47 -- okay (73dc870c6712)
 dad24d92f489ed935c2c79339f015c2ada6ccb4c -- okay (90f3c1b3b687)
 ec4a23fc9ec9abbd2d6d7f8316ff9fc94bdc9950 -- okay (98966f5b88b5)
 57f0a1e2a39e3b4431b3856f64c3877dc71f8dae -- okay (b4981a144854)
 579734b9a25db60a7a9f59df198fe8cc2e7367e3 -- okay (d3a986dfb477)
 a310a95c8dc23d152be27f404495c3e1ca036204 -- okay (ea9c5e94e364)
 725b6c8f7d11010e922fe177b1cbda333a423720 -- okay (a71bf76df344)
 a8add456af7aad04b0f4a402f1e5a8a7114aedec -- okay (5adf623b76f8)

 [what about the other WebGL things we disable are we good with them wrt to

 3d287f20252243b5c6cc41841fa2b48f90b3aa14 -- okay (aa65fd2ea82e)
 6d25b3a1c946b70935f1df096878f0256292c143 -- okay (ac9bc3723c2b)
 664d51393f8422a2b3d8edf5b24ee32b0a5d9b01 -- okay (90e817059ab7)
 d93edac70a39e9f49555ae5cc96728b85448959a -- not okay (db5663390b3e)

 fixed by cca5e99eb181e9e120a809e3ef71ea7e73fbec89

 6dbef77faa36e1130612d0f6784b6b05c142dea8 -- okay (6a7ae76e406e)

 do we still need it as the patch for 17009 got upstreamed?

 81f89647957d420d087bbcd5c63104b157a139c9 -- okay (af9e23384692)

 do we still need it as the patch for 15646 got upstreamed?

 74ea0a667a7464d4a6e90cdd7a11ac60e06af649 -- okay (0a2323b8fcaa)

 do we still need it as the patch for 1517 got upstreamed?

 1261430503dd9a37a664e263b7415091cdf1f6a9 -- okay (fb26928c9f6f)

 U 133a941a72c9 should be O 133a941a72c9 (in comment:6) as <isindex> got

 70c225a4b5f4266de7ce24110f5ef507160e234b -- not okay (b7f33de7c769)

 there is no
 anymore, thus we can remove tbb-tests-ignore.txt it seems

 c04c6fd4da01 is not a simple revert of db79c0270d50. The former only
 reverts a part of it. That's due to a mess of this whole e10s compat
 problem we needed to fix and me not properly dealing with the resulting
 patches during rebase. So, we need the resulting patch after reverting
 part of the first one for esr60 as
 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1305177 is still open.

 856b810081cfbcd4b3f17ede4d1a95f4c02a14f0 -- not okay (d4da5714eb9d)

 no need for those `extensions.hotfix` prefs

 1cf891b3a783, 043e87d50499, and fdb2ad415cd6 are obsolete because we
 decided we don't want to expose this to users anymore to make it harder
 for them to shoot themselves in the foot?

 fb7f56c28a9c3a77382361f218ac146c23ef6e30 -- okay (452829d9135f)
 80e6743fbf4ceb60b1073e60efd6c67eb2a7fba0 -- okay (04e72287a8c7)
 a761c12e657389847ff8c29ed836b5c2541c09c9 -- okay (87036e9e33eb)

 The patch for 19411 is missing (fee72fffc081)

 aede530c3ec8850224b7f6c49c1d7e1466684639 -- not okay (9ae35ba3c07e)

 the first commit adds a .rej file;
 I guess having now 'size: "1234"' is okay even though we had
 it |null| before; however, I think we should stop patching the tests then
 because there is no partial patch with an invalid hash anymore

 I see:
 -                size: "1234",
 +                hash: "1234cd43a1c77e30191c53a329a3f99d",
 not sure how effective that is given |getLocalPatchString()|'s changed

 there is no SHA512_HASH_SIMPLE_MAR anymore:
 https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/e886bf1ba8fc removes it and we
 don't backout that part (in aede530c3ec8850224b7f6c49c1d7e1466684639). So,
 to sum up: just ignore the tests here I think

 c89b57cea0457ca7fcaa7338b23c57fbef38def2 -- okay (08964d93d418)
 48e149a1f5f21aeda8f89d8dc374ede647feda23 -- okay (b0471f5e9e1f)
 5c9aa89a778d10d19b55736abfcb63b745e14379 -- not okay (4c9f746f2c19)
 -  ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS=firefox-mozilla-release
 -  MAR_CHANNEL_ID=firefox-mozilla-release
 This should be "firefox-mozilla-esr" respectively (I guess you rebased the
 patch before there was a dedicated esr60 branch)

 aurora|alpha|beta|hardened|release|esr (and at other places) <- we don't
 have the hardened series anymore

 Do we need
 -      let prereleaseChannels = ["nightly", "aurora", "beta"];
 +      let prereleaseChannels = ["nightly", "aurora", "alpha", "beta"];

 The "extensions.lastTorBrowserVersion" part spilled over into
 AddonsManager.jsm from #13052 + adding the AddonManager.jsm in

 Note to Arthur for the patch order: we need the patch for #13052 before
 this one as we use GetTorBrowserUserDataDir()
 +  done <"${tmpfile}"
 add a whitespace between "<" and "\""

 mcs/brade: how do you feel addressing #24476 while you are at it?

 f8d84e457447ee34bdd4416191404f011fa4459e -- okay (506eb3cbd392 and

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