[tbb-bugs] #26049 [Applications/Tor Browser]: consider reducing the delay before the update prompt is displayed (ESR60)

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Tue May 8 15:23:03 UTC 2018

#26049: consider reducing the delay before the update prompt is displayed (ESR60)
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 After a browser update has been downloaded, users need to restart their
 browser to apply it. By default, a small badge is overlaid on the
 hamburger menu toolbar item to indicate that users should look in that
 menu for more info (where they will find a "Restart to update Tor Browser"
 menu item). In Tor Browser we have reduced the delay before the badge is
 displayed to zero.

 The badge is kind of subtle though, so after some period of time the
 doorhanger prompt that is being discussed in #26048 is displayed. The
 delay before the doorhanger is displayed is currently:
  Firefox 60 release channel: 8 days
  Tor Browser: 2 days
 Kathy and Mark think we should reduce it further, maybe as short as on
 hour or two. The tradeoff is that the doorhanger is "in your face" and
 will somewhat interrupt people's work (although they can continue to use
 the browser with it open, and they can dismiss it without applying the

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