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Thu Jun 21 19:42:00 UTC 2018

#26450: Build components for which dependencies are already available
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 We are downloading the SHA5125UMS file right in the beginning of the Tor
 Browser build but actually need that file only at the end for verifying
 the lang packs. Arthur had the idea to download it at the end as well. The
 rationale is that we can save time building because the lang packs is the
 last thing that shows up on Mozilla's servers while the build tag is way
 earlier available that would allow us to deliver an update faster and/or
 have more time for QA.

 The general idea Arthur had is building intelligently only those
 components that can already be built and once there are none left but not
 everything got build we should fail.

 Not sure whether that is worth the effort, though, given that it in
 practice should only affect the Mozilla lang pack situation we landed in
 right now (and previously a bunch of times)

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