[tbb-bugs] #23561 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Fix nsis builds for Windows 64

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Mon Jun 18 19:32:57 UTC 2018

#23561: Fix nsis builds for Windows 64
 Reporter:  boklm                          |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by boklm):

 Replying to [comment:26 gk]:
 > One thing I wondered on IRC is how to avoid depending on another
 external party, files.pythonhosted.org, not being down once we build +
 about whether rebuilding `python-future` and `python-pefile` every time is
 a smart idea.

 I think we could mirror those files on some reliable hosting. Related to
 that I opened #25835 as we have the same issue when people.tpo is down.

 > I guess we could try at least for `python-future` the 0.15.2 package
 from Debian.

 It looks like a good idea to try that. I think this package didn't exist
 in the Ubuntu version we were using when we started doing this.

 > Which leaves the other one. FWIW: Do we have a policy for when we build
 own projects and when it is okay to build a project during another one?
 I.e.: should be build `python-future` and `python-pefile` in own projects
 to avoid building them over and over again (in case they indeed need to
 get built)?

 I can think of the following reasons for wanting to move builds into a
 separate project (maybe there are more):
 - the build of that project takes some time, and the other project in
 which we could include it is something we rebuild more often (such as
 - we need to clone a git repository (we can have only one per project)
 - moving it to a separate project makes things more simple or more clear

 Running `time python setup.py install --user` for `python-future` and
 `python-pefile` on my laptop, I get this:
 real    0m0.811s
 user    0m0.535s
 sys     0m0.238s

 real    0m0.261s
 user    0m0.140s
 sys     0m0.110s

 Building them takes less than 2 seconds, so it doesn't seem worth moving
 them to a separate project.

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