[tbb-bugs] #26365 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Backport AltSvc/SOCKS patch to ESR60

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Fri Jun 15 18:33:30 UTC 2018

#26365: Backport AltSvc/SOCKS patch to ESR60
 Reporter:  arthuredelstein                  |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  defect                           |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  Medium                           |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser         |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                           |     Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:  ff60-esr, TorBrowserTeam201806R  |  Actual Points:
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Comment (by mahrud):

 I tested this with my experimental setup and it worked, except it didn't
 go quite smoothly. Here is what happened:
 1. enabled those flags.
 2. entered https://perfectoid.space/, which is supposed to return a .onion
 3. got CAPTCHA and solved it
 4. tab was stuck in loading state indefinitely
 5. entered the .onion address directly in a new tab
 6. both tabs loaded at the same time, perfectoid.space showing `alt-
 gcloud` and the .onion showing 400 Bad Request, both as expected.
 7. Afterwards I did not get any CAPTCHA's even after multiple refreshes
 (with alt-svc disabled, I would still get CAPTCHA's after every few

 My guess is that Tor Browser doesn't realize it needs to make a circuit to
 an onion service if the .onion name is in the Alt-Svc rather than the URL.

 Is there a ticket following HTTP/2 and Alt-Svc audits?

 I'm also curious why `network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft` is still there
 and since the Alt-Svc logs are different from Firefox ESR60, I suspect the
 HTTP/2 and Alt-Svc code is outdated.

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