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#25693: Activity 1.2: Make sure Firefox Photon UI works with our style guidelines
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:14 antonela]:
 > > Could you explain how you arrived at the different colors for the
 nightly/alpha/stable? There is not much purple as we know it and no green
 as we know it anymore. What's e.g. the reasoning for that?
 > >
 > Thanks, GeKo! I'm trying to start a conversation. The method we can use
 to build a new brand could take multiple ways. The process is very similar
 if we think about product icons. For example, Mozilla did their last
 rebrand with community's ideas[1]. But just one designer and an outsourced
 studio made it at Wikipedia[2]. I really believe that we should involve
 our community to work on it. To facilitate this collab, we are working to
 have a design sprint in Mexico to work on it. We are going to have a bunch
 of designers and will be useful and fun to outline the first ideas about
 it together. Our exploration has some time under the hoods; you can sneak
 peek at #25763.
 > That said and since we have to release before it, we could 1) keep the
 same icon we have right now; or 2) try to use the same onion shape
 everywhere, so the brand starts to take consistency.
 > Running for 2), I started to try some containers using the onion icon we
 already have. It works pretty bad on small sizes but at big sizes is quite
 recognizable. Also, this container idea is part of the current Brand
 > The violet color is becoming a default to talk about privacy and is our
 brand color [4]. I think we can explore different quality (hue/saturation)
 of purples and the gradients were an experiment for that. You mentioned
 the greens, do you think it worth to explore some options with the green
 color? I'd love to try it.
 > I hope it helps to get a better idea of the principal aim here and gets
 more people involved :)

 It does, thanks, and thanks for the links. I have long known and felt that
 purple is the color for privacy. :) If we could get the new purple close
 to the purple we have right now (or that we plan to have in the future
 assuming it won't go away) that seems to me a good thing. And getting the
 impression that we are "moving" towards it from the nightly over the alpha
 is another thing I like.

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