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Wed Jun 13 08:54:43 UTC 2018

#26045: Create a new MAR signing key for ESR60
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Comment (by gk):

 It seems mcs and brade found the problem: when building the nightly not
 the nightly certificates are included into the build but `dep1.der` and
 dep2.der`. The code responsible for that is
 if CONFIG['MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL'] in ('alpha', 'beta', 'release', 'esr'):
     primary_cert.inputs += ['release_primary.der']
     secondary_cert.inputs += ['release_secondary.der']
 elif CONFIG['MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL'] in ('nightly', 'aurora', 'nightly-elm',
                                       'nightly-profiling', 'nightly-oak',
     primary_cert.inputs += ['nightly_aurora_level3_primary.der']
     secondary_cert.inputs += ['nightly_aurora_level3_secondary.der']
     primary_cert.inputs += ['dep1.der']
     secondary_cert.inputs += ['dep2.der']
 and we set the update channel to `default` for nightlies (see the `tor-
 browser-build` repo projects/firefox/config). After copying the new certs
 over `dep1.der` and `dep2.der` scenario 3c) and 3d) in comment:6 behave as
 epxected: in the former nothing happens after the successful signature
 verification and in the latter the update works. Thus, we are good with
 the new key.

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