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#26346: Update prompt from 7.5.5 to the same version
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 Yesterday I let Tor Browser update from 7.5.4 to 7.5.5. It used the
 incremental method and apparently the process was successful. I restarted
 the browser and got presented with the changelog page. The page about:tor
 shows "7.5.5" in the top right corner. The dialog at Help/About Tor
 Browser says "7.5.5 (based on Mozilla Firefox 52.8.1) (64-bit)".

 From the root of the application directory I can see the file
 "Browser/tbb_version.json". It says:

 Searching for "7.5" in about:config I can see:
 browser.startup.homepage_override.torbrowser.version    7.5.5
 extensions.lastTorBrowserVersion                        7.5.4
 extensions.torbutton.lastBrowserVersion                 7.5.5
 torbrowser.version                                      7.5.5

 Yet the "Software Update" dialog (updates.xul) still prompts me to update
 to 7.5.5.

 What gives?

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