[tbb-bugs] #26319 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Don't package up the whole Tor Browser in the `mach package` step

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Wed Jun 6 18:59:22 UTC 2018

#26319: Don't package up the whole Tor Browser in the `mach package` step
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 When running `mach package` not only the symlinks are resolved and the
 omni.ja files compressed but it's attempted to create a final package, be
 it e.g. a .dmg file for macOS or an .exe file for Windows. We don't want
 that in the Firefox build step because our bundle is not ready then: we
 need to add tor, the pluggable transports etc. first and bundle the whole
 thing up when that's ready.

 We achieved this previously by setting `INNER_MAKE_PACKAGE=true` when
 running the packaging step but that does not seem to be doable anymore
 with the switch to `mach`.

 We should write a patch, if necessary, to get the old behavior back.
 Meanwhile, for macOS, we ship a workaround (see #24632) as the build
 breaks without it. Windows might be affected here, too (and even on Linux
 a final .bz2 file is created which is not necessary for our purposes).

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