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Fri Jul 27 14:18:54 UTC 2018

#26574: Save TBA updates in the internal android storage
 Reporter:  igt0                               |          Owner:  tbb-team
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                                               |  needs_review
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Comment (by igt0):

 Replying to [comment:9 sysrqb]:
 > Replying to [comment:3 igt0]:
 > > I found a workaround that allows the PackageInstaller to access and
 read the file [File.setReadable(true, false)] [0].
 > >
 > > However, when the APK is being installed, Fennec throws a strict
 policy violation exception:
 > The patch looks good (but I didn't test it). Do you know or remember
 when this strict policy violation exception was thrown? Was it after the
 download was completed? Also, can you describe how you tested this?

 Strict policy violation: it was an issue in my side. I was pointing for an
 APK with different ID, thus the updater was not allowing an app A update
 an app B (that is good!).

 Was it after the download was completed: No, when the download is
 completed, an android notification is sent and the user must click on it
 to start the update process.

 How to test: There are two preferences you need to change
 app.update.autodownload and app.update.url.android.

 The app.update.autodownload you can change to 2(it means enabled).

 The app.update.url.android is the hard part:

 1. Create an update server (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-
 2. Point the app.update.url.android to the update server:


 3. go to: Settings -> The Tor Project Tor Browser(last option) -> About
 Tor Browser

 And click in the check for updates, if everything is in place it will
 start to download the apk and in the end you will see a notification about
 updating TBA.

 So things that we need to do before merging the patch, we need to decide
 if the URL makes sense for us or if we can make it shorter. And update the
 prefs file.

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