[tbb-bugs] #26401 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Rebase Orfox patches onto Tor Browser 8.0 for TBA

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Thu Jul 26 00:15:24 UTC 2018

#26401: Rebase Orfox patches onto Tor Browser 8.0 for TBA
 Reporter:  sysrqb                            |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by sysrqb):

 Replying to [comment:31 gk]:
 > One additional thing while I was thinking about our update setup: the
 app update URL and enabling the MAR signature and verification machine
 belong together but are dealt with by different means (once by an
 environment variable check (`TB_BUILD_WITH_UPDATER`) and the other time by
 an preprocessor directive (`#ifdef TOR_BROWSER_VERSION`). I think using
 once `TB_BUILD_WITH_UPDATER` and the other time `TOR_BROWSER_VERSION` is
 confusing. And if we really want to enable updates sometime in the future
 we'd need to deal with both as `TOR_BROWSER_VERSION` is very likely set in
 both cases: for builds with and without updating enabled.
 > So, `TB_BUILD_WITH_UPDATER` (or something similar) should cover both the
 app update URL and the pieces in the  .mozconfig file.
 > (Oh, and right now it seems we would need two builds if we'd ship an
 updating and a non-updating version. I wonder if we could design it in a
 way that we only needed some preference flip during the final packaging
 step to take care of that. Right I think we can if we always build with
 the update mechanism enabled but just make sure we don't publish update
 files/disable update checks per pref).

 Yes, these are good points. I think I'll delete `TB_BUILD_WITH_UPDATER`
 and we can discuss a better way for handling this later. It may be easier
 if we introduce another configure flag for this. I'm worried about only
 using a pref for deciding if the app should update itself or something
 else installs updates (such as an app store). Although it seems Google are
 not currently enforcing this, Google Play's policy says apps should not be
 able to update themselves - so having a toggle-able pref seems risky.

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