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Mon Jul 16 15:55:49 UTC 2018

#26813: Modify about:buildconfig to include reproducible build information
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 While reading the Hacking doc, I saw the following:

 >  Be aware that this process is not fully future-proof. In particular, if
 Debian has updated their development tool chain since the bundles have
 been built, you may encounter differences between your resulting bundles
 and the original binaries. This should be rare, however, as we use only
 the "Long Term Support" or "Oldstable" of Debian in our build VMs. The
 only reason they should change the tool chain is in the event of serious
 security issues in the development tools themselves.

 It seems like it would be advantageous to include a bunch of (additional)
 information in about:buildconfig to allow fully reproducing (or at least
 comparing) builds, such as git tags/commits and information about
 reproducible build environment, such as the versions of packages.

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