[tbb-bugs] #25204 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Switch security.insecure_connection_* prefs to warn users about insecure HTTP in FF60-esr

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Wed Jul 11 03:18:05 UTC 2018

#25204: Switch security.insecure_connection_* prefs to warn users about insecure
HTTP in FF60-esr
 Reporter:  cypherpunks               |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  enhancement               |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Medium                    |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  ff60-esr, ux-team         |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:                            |         Points:
 Reviewer:                            |        Sponsor:

Comment (by cypherpunks):

 11:19 PM Ticket #24104 (Delay descriptor bandwidth reporting on
 established relays) updated by arma
     Replying to arma: > All the more reason to open the …
 11:18 PM Ticket #26713 (relays should explicitly dirty their descriptors
 on entering/exiting ...) created by arma
     Motivated by the #24104 fixes: Currently Tor notices that it's gone …
 11:05 PM Ticket #26336 (Update tor-browser-settings addon for Fennec 61)
 updated by igt0
     I took a look in what is needed to make it work: 1. jpm[0] generates …
 10:40 PM Ticket #26712 (EVP_PKEY_HKDF not defined in libressl,
 src/lib/crypt_ops/crypto_hkdf.c ...) created by cypherpunks
 9:53 PM Ticket #25204 (Switch security.insecure_connection_* prefs to warn
 users about ...) updated by cypherpunks
     Chrome 68 will be released on: July 24th, 2018 …
 9:47 PM Ticket #26332 (Write up ticket triage process as algorithm or
 flowchart) closed by nickm
     implemented: Oh wait. Even a stopped clock is right 1-2 times per day
 (depending on …
 9:38 PM Ticket #23878 (Attempt rewriting buffers.c in Rust) updated by
     Replying to cypherpunks: > Since …
 9:16 PM org/meetings/2018MexicoCity edited by leez
 9:10 PM Ticket #26376 (add cross compiling docs) updated by catalyst
     Status changed
     Thanks for the new documentation! I'm not sure the core team has much
 8:25 PM Ticket #26367 (Consider removing tor2web mode) updated by dgoulet
     Status, Keywords, Milestone changed
     Here it is: https://github.com/torproject/tor/pull/218 Branch: …
 8:17 PM Ticket #18342 (Provide more accurate reverse DNS results) updated
 by karsten
     Status changed
     Alright! Squashed those fixup co

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