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#25693: Activity 1.2: Make sure Firefox Photon UI works with our style guidelines
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                                                 |  antonela
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Comment (by antonela):

 1) I think it got solved with SVG assets.

 2) Let's think together about this comment/feedback before deciding what
 we need to improve based on that:

 "I miss my green onions!" - This is emotional and personal. In general, we
 the users are resistant to change. And is okey. We could improve the way
 we present those changes to be clear about the benefits it carries for
 them. The onboarding seems the right moment in the user flow to do it. We
 are working on it.

 "Panicking all the time that my browser has slipped out of TOR." -
 Interesting, Do exist any particular case where Tor Browser get
 'disconnected' to Tor and continue working?

 "Can you change the gray onion icon to a colored one? It disappears in my
 peripheral vision *if its the same as everything around it.*" - Well,
 consistency is a fundamental design principle for usable user interfaces.
 Having our Tor Button Icon following Photon Design's UI is the way to
 achieve this consistency. Here is a great article about it[0]. If we want
 for any reason to have the Tor Button Icon highlighted in the top Nav,
 then we can think about colors. AFAIK, we have plans to remove it soon.

 [0] https://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2010/07/achieving-and-balancing-

 Replying to [comment:20 gk]:
 > Some feedback for the new Torbutton icon:
 > 1) https://blog.torproject.org/comment/275968#comment-275968 (icon looks
 tiny and slightly pixelated on Windows)
 > 2) https://blog.torproject.org/comment/275914#comment-275914 (grey icon
 disappears in peripheral vision, can we get some color?)

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