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#22074: Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented bugs since FF52esr
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Comment (by mcs):

 I filed a bunch of tickets to cover the new things we found when reviewing
 the developer release notes (see comment:7):

 #26598 disable User Timing API in ESR60
 #26599 investigate CSS masks feature for fingerprinting potential
 #26600 verify that new WebGL extensions are disabled
 #26601 investigate whether SVGGeometryElement introduces a fingerprinting
 #26602 investigate whether CSS clip-path adds a fingerprinting risk
 #26603 remove obsolete HTTP pipelining prefs
 #26604 investigate whether date and time <input> types leak the user's
 #26605 investigate window.requestIdleCallback() for possible timing leaks
 #26606 investigate fingerprinting and linkability risks of the
 Intersection Observer API
 #26607 verify that subpixel accuracy of window scroll properties does not
 add fingerprinting risk
 #26608 investigate <link rel="preload">
 #26609 imvestigate whether the -moz-windows-accent-color-in-titlebar media
 query adds a fingerprinting vector
 #26610 investigate whether hardware encoding of media adds fingerprinting
 risk for TBA
 #26611 verify no locale leaks in ESR60 `Intl` APIs
 #26612 increase the TLS handshake timeout
 #26613 audit or disable Apple HLS implementation on Android
 #26614 audit or disable the Web Authentication API

 I am leaving this ticket open because Kathy and I found a few more
 undocumented issues when reviewing all of the bugs that were fixed between
 Firefox 53 and 60, and in fact we have not completed that review yet.

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