[tbb-bugs] #24921 [Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team]: Creating some space to host Tor Browser nightly builds

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Wed Jan 17 15:27:15 UTC 2018

#24921: Creating some space to host Tor Browser nightly builds
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 We need some web space to host the Tor Browser nightly builds, with
 something like 40GB or 50GB of disk available to be able to keep a few
 days of nightly builds.

 The URL could be something like https://nightlies.tbb.torproject.org/ or
 https://tbb-nightlies.torproject.org/. An onion address would also be

 The number of users downloading builds will probably not be very big, so I
 don't think we need this to be mirrored on multiple hosts.

 To get the files there, I think I could run a cron job that does an rsync
 from the build machine every night. The build machine is currently only
 reachable through an .onion, so we would need a tor client to do the

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