[tbb-bugs] #24351 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Block Global Active Adversary Cloudflare (was: Fuck Global Active Adversary Cloudflare)

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Tue Jan 16 09:21:26 UTC 2018

#24351: Block Global Active Adversary Cloudflare
 Reporter:  nullius                              |          Owner:  tbb-
                                                 |  team
     Type:  enhancement                          |         Status:
                                                 |  reopened
 Priority:  High                                 |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser             |        Version:
 Severity:  Major                                |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  security, privacy, anonymity, mitm,  |  Actual Points:
  cloudflare                                     |
Parent ID:  #18361                               |         Points:
 Reviewer:                                       |        Sponsor:
Changes (by nullius):

 * priority:  Very High => High
 * severity:  Critical => Major


 Well, well.  I turn my back for three seconds...

 This is a serious problem, which will require serious effort to solve.
 That can be achieved with sound arguments and shipping code—most of all,
 by being right.  Neither gratuitous metadata changes nor gratuitous
 profanity solves anything, and both are inappropriate for a bug tracker.

 (Passing through in a hurry.  I perhaps may have a few more words later as
 for the prior comments.)

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