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#24879: Set 'fetch: 1' by default for nightly builds
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 In `tor-browser-build`, when doing some build, we fetch new
 commits/branchs/tags from a git repository when the git revision specified
 in `git_hash` does not exist in the local repository. If the revision
 already exist, we don't update the repository. This means that if
 `git_hash` is pointing to a branch like `master` and the master branch
 already exists, it won't be updated. This can be confusing for the nightly
 builds, where you have to remember to run `make fetch` first if you want
 to build the very latest nightly, and not a nightly based on the commits
 from the last `make fetch`.

 To avoid that we can set `fetch: 1` for nightly in `rbm.conf` so that git
 repositories are updated for each build by default. People who don't want
 that can still change it in their `rbm.local.conf`.

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