[tbb-bugs] #24197 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Building Windows 64 firefox with the sandbox enabled fails

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Mon Jan 8 19:47:23 UTC 2018

#24197: Building Windows 64 firefox with the sandbox enabled fails
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 * keywords:  tbb-rbm => tbb-rbm, TorBrowserTeam201801, GeorgKoppen201801


 Replying to [comment:4 boklm]:
 > Those patches are fixing the build, however it seems it is not enough to
 get the sandbox working on Windows 64. After starting the browser the
 `about:page` tab stays blank. When trying to load a web page in a new tab,
 the tab also stays blank. After changing `security.sandbox.content.level`
 from `1` to `0` in `about:config` and restarting, the browser is working
 > To try to debug this I tried setting `security.sandbox.windows.log` and
 `security.sandbox.logging.enabled` to `true`, but didn't see anything
 related to sandbox in the browser console.

 Hm. Maybe I did not fix all the issues in #16010 then? Let me look closer
 at that...

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