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Wed Feb 28 17:29:23 UTC 2018

#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
 Reporter:  mcs                             |          Owner:  brade
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Comment (by antonela):

 Replying to [comment:64 brade]:
 > Replying to [comment:61 antonela]:
 > > Thanks @mcs for the explainer.
 > > So, in that case, my recommendation is to use a select
 > Hi Antonela.  I think you misunderstand what we need your help with (and
 I apologize that you are coming in at the end of the process and working
 with someone else's design).
 > We need help with the words that appear next to the radio button and the
 words that appear in the button (see image in comment:56).
 > Linda's UX design and the implementation by Isis do not intend for the
 user to choose among the bridges returned from the BridgeDB server, so a
 select control would not be appropriate.  Each time the user requests
 bridges (see steps below) they receive a set of three and all three are
 used at the same time (the tor deamon figures out which one to use).
 I see. Thanks a lot for sharing with me the technical background.
 > > About the captcha, will it show after the user selects which kind of
 bridge he wants?
 > Here is the sequence of steps for displaying the captcha:
 > * user selects the radio button (currently labeled "Request a Bridge")
 > * user clicks the "Request a Bridge..." button
 > * [network activity occurs to obtain and display the captcha]
 > Here is what the captcha prompt looks like:
 > The ASCII art in comment:59 happens after a correct solution for the
 captcha is submitted and a set of bridges is returned by the BridgeDB

 So basically, the flow is going to be as following


 > If all of the bridges from BridgeDB stop working, the user can "Request
 a New Bridge" to ask for a new set (which replaces the previous set).

 Honestly, I see the idea about to have double steps with a kind of
 rejection. But if this friction can improve the security, I'm in. IMO, the
 best label is the option A. Also, if at some point we want to offer a
 different source to get a bridge, it is easily extendible.

 I'm afraid that it could be converted into an infinite loop between not
 working bridges and request a new bridge button, which seems confusing.
 I'd like to review error user flows and see how they are working on with
 this iteration.

 Could we have a nightly build to reproduce locally? That could be useful

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