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Wed Feb 28 14:52:16 UTC 2018

#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
 Reporter:  mcs                             |          Owner:  brade
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Comment (by brade):

 Replying to [comment:61 antonela]:
 > Thanks @mcs for the explainer.
 > So, in that case, my recommendation is to use a select

 Hi Antonela.  I think you misunderstand what we need your help with (and I
 apologize that you are coming in at the end of the process and working
 with someone else's design).

 We need help with the words that appear next to the radio button and the
 words that appear in the button (see image in comment:56).

 Linda's UX design and the implementation by Isis do not intend for the
 user to choose among the bridges returned from the BridgeDB server, so a
 select control would not be appropriate.  Each time the user requests
 bridges (see steps below) they receive a set of three and all three are
 used at the same time (the tor deamon figures out which one to use).

 > About the captcha, will it show after the user selects which kind of
 bridge he wants?

 Here is the sequence of steps for displaying the captcha:
 * user selects the radio button (currently labeled "Request a Bridge")
 * user clicks the "Request a Bridge..." button
 * [network activity occurs to obtain and display the captcha]
 Here is what the captcha prompt looks like:

 The ASCII art in comment:59 happens after a correct solution for the
 captcha is submitted and a set of bridges is returned by the BridgeDB
 server.  If all of the bridges from BridgeDB stop working, the user can
 "Request a New Bridge" to ask for a new set (which replaces the previous

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