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Fri Feb 23 14:38:36 UTC 2018

#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
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Comment (by anonym):

 Replying to [comment:46 mcs]:
 > I don't know how much work it would be to add support for `meek_lite`,
 but in theory it should be fairly easy to do so.

 From my quick look, to get Tor Launcher to handle `ClientTransportPlugin
 meek_lite` (i.e. extract path and arguments) would indeed be easy (fixing
 the condition in the `if`-statement). Did you have anything else in mind?

 > For Tor Browser we decided to use the full-blown meek client because (1)
 we already have it inside Tor Browser and (2) using it means the client's
 TLS fingerprint will match that of a well-known browser (since a second
 copy of Tor Browser/firefox is used via `meek-client-torbrowser`).

 The TLS issue with `meek_lite` is concerning. I'm mostly interested in
 `meek_lite` because it was so straight-forward to get working in Tails.
 The full Meek client might not be as easy, so it would be relieving to
 have a (hopefully temporary) fallback if needed.

 > That said, it is possible that there will be some interoperability
 issues between `meek_lite` and BridgeDB's Moat responder. But if you need
 this, please open a ticket against Tor Launcher.

 For now I take this as encouragement to investigate sticking with the
 `meek_lite` client. I'm pretty much only interested in it if it Just
 Works, otherwise I'll put my efforts into getting the full Meek client
 working in Tails.

 > And of course "patches are welcome" :)

 If Tails ends up needing anything special, I'll provide patches, don't
 worry! :)

 Thanks for all the answers, and GLHF crunching this deliverable!

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