[tbb-bugs] #16472 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Upgrade Binutils to 2.25+ for Tor Browser builds

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Fri Feb 23 12:46:10 UTC 2018

#16472: Upgrade Binutils to 2.25+ for Tor Browser builds
 Reporter:  gk                        |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  task                      |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Medium                    |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  tbb-rbm, boklm201802      |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:  #12968                    |         Points:
 Reviewer:                            |        Sponsor:

Comment (by boklm):

 Replying to [comment:25 gk]:
 > boklm: could you test the selfrando commit
 d2951ac1d3747a4d8a9ef222d38d2d13e5ae2ba9 and report back whether that
 solved our problems? ahomescu said we should be good with that one.

 It seems it fixed the previous error, however we now have a different
 Executing /var/tmp/build/firefox-8ee6fdadea2a/obj-i686-pc-linux-
 gnu/dist/bin/shlibsign -v -o ../../dist/firefox/libsoftokn3.chk -i
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/toolkit/mozapps/installer/packager.py", line 341, in <module>
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/toolkit/mozapps/installer/packager.py", line 337, in main
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/python/mozbuild/mozpack/copier.py", line 399, in copy
     copy_results.append((destfile, f.copy(destfile, skip_if_older)))
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/toolkit/mozapps/installer/packager.py", line 124, in copy
     errors.fatal('Error while signing %s' % self.path)
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/python/mozbuild/mozpack/errors.py", line 103, in fatal
     self._handle(self.FATAL, msg)
   File "/var/tmp/build/firefox-
 8ee6fdadea2a/python/mozbuild/mozpack/errors.py", line 98, in _handle
     raise ErrorMessage(msg)
 mozpack.errors.ErrorMessage: Error: Error while signing
 make[3]: *** [stage-package] Error 1
 make[3]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/build/firefox-8ee6fdadea2a/obj-i686

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