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Wed Feb 21 17:09:38 UTC 2018

#25327: debug files are not deterministic
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 After fixing #24999, when building the 8.0a2 release we noticed that the
 *-debug.tar.gz files are not deterministic.

 It seems that the only difference is in the gzip timestamp, according to
 the diffoscope output:
 --- tor-linux32-debug.tar.gz
 +++ ../alpha/unsigned/8.0a2-build2/tor-linux32-debug.tar.gz
 ├── metadata
 │ @@ -1 +1 @@
 │ -gzip compressed data, last modified: Wed Feb 21 12:09:06 2018, from
 │ +gzip compressed data, last modified: Wed Feb 21 11:41:29 2018, from

 We can fix that by using the `-n` gzip flag:
        -n --no-name
               When compressing, do not save the original file name and
 time stamp
               by  default.  (The original name is always saved if the name
 had to
               be truncated.) When decompressing, do not restore the
 original file
               name  if  present  (remove only the gzip suffix from the
               file name) and do not restore the original time  stamp  if
               (copy it from the compressed file). This option is the
 default when

 An other solution is to create `tar.xz` files instead of `tar.gz`. This
 would also create smaller files.

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