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#27214: Update descriptions for onboarding
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Comment (by mcs):

 Kathy and I went through and tried to improve readability while shortening
 some of the text. Here is what we came up with (we can also provide a
 patch if everyone likes these changes):
 ||Left side title||Welcome||
 ||Heading||You're ready.||
 ||Description||Tor Browser provides the highest level of privacy and
 security while browsing the web. You are now protected against tracking,
 surveillance and censorship. Learn more about Tor Browser and how it
 protects you by exploring this quick overview.||
 ||Button label||Start Now||
 ||Left side title||Privacy||
 ||Heading||Snub trackers and snoopers.||
 ||Description||Tor Browser will isolate all traffic for each domain you
 visit. That means trackers and advertisers can't follow you as you move
 across the internet. Also, all information such as isolated cookies and
 browser history is deleted at the end of your session. We make these
 modifications to protect your online privacy and security. Next, learn how
 we protect you at the network level.||
 ||Button label||Go to Tor Network||
 ||Left side title||Tor Network||
 ||Heading||Travel a decentralized network.||
 ||Description||Tor Browser uses the Tor Network, which protects you more
 than a VPN because it is not centralized. The Tor Network consists of a
 network of servers called relays, which are run by thousands of volunteers
 around the world. There is no single point of failure and no centralized
 entity that you need to trust in order to enjoy the internet. Next, learn
 about the circuits that Tor Browser creates for you.||
 ||Button label||Go to Circuit Display||
 ||Left side title||Circuit Display||
 ||Heading||See your path.||
 ||Description||For each domain you visit your traffic is encrypted and
 sent through a circuit that consists of three relays located around the
 world. This ensures that no website will know where you are connecting
 from, because they will only see the connection from the last relay in the
 circuit. If you would like to use a new circuit you can request one by
 clicking 'New Circuit for this Site' on Tor Browser's Circuit Display.||
 ||Button label||See the Circuit Display in Action||
 ||Left side title||Security||
 ||Heading||Choose your experience.||
 ||Description||Your privacy will always be taken care of by Tor Browser
 and the Tor network. In addition, we provide you with settings to allow
 you to increase the level of security that is in effect when accessing
 sites. Our Security Settings allow you to block things that could be used
 by bad agents to attack your computer. Click 'Review Settings' to see the
 different options and learn what they do.||
 ||Button label||Review Settings||
 ||Left side title||Usage Tips||
 ||Heading||Expect some differences.||
 ||Description||With all the security and privacy features provided by Tor
 Browser and the Tor Network, your experience on the internet will be a
 little different. Web sites will load more slowly since your connection
 goes through three relays around the world. Sometimes sites will ask you
 to prove you are a human (not a robot). Depending on your security
 settings, some sites may not load or work correctly. Our goal is to
 provide the best experience while not compromising the protections that
 are provided by Tor Browser.||
 ||Button label||See FAQs||
 ||Left side title||Onion Services||
 ||Heading||Onion Services||
 ||Description||Finally, we would like to introduce you to Onion services.
 For enhanced privacy and security, sites ending in .onion are only
 reachable through the Tor Network. Onion services provide extra
 protections to publishers and visitors, including added safeguards against
 censorship. The same way that Tor Browser allows you to browse the web
 anonymously, onion services allow people to provide content and services
 anonymously. You will notice a small onion icon in the URL bar when
 accessing these sites. Click 'Visit an Onion' to visit the DuckDuckGo
 onion service.||
 ||Button label||Visit an Onion||

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