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#25696: Design of alpha onboarding for Tor Browser for Android
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                                                 |  antonela
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                                                 |  needs_revision
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Comment (by isabela):

 Worked on these and also made the text shorter - it was still quite long
 for the experience:


 New version created by me is at the top.

 Replying to [comment:46 gk]:

 > That needs revision at least for the typos in the strings:
 > 1) s/wil show you how/will show you how7 (that's actually a typo in the
 > 2) s/are deleted after your session/is deleted after your session
 ("information storage" is not plural)
 > 3) s/FAQ\'S/FAQs/
 > More importantly, though, clicking on the labels that replaced the
 "Next" ones don't do what they suggest they do. I can see why this is wrt
 to our security settings as Torbutton is not available yet on first start
 but it fails in the FAQs case and .onion case as well. I am okay with the
 "Next" label and the current behavior but mixing the behavior and the new
 text is not good.
 > Additionally, while reading the privacy and network related texts it
 occurred to me that we are promising more than we deliver: first party
 isolation of traffic is not possible yet in the first alpha. While the
 browser code for it is there and even Torbutton gets shipped the link to
 Orbot/Tor is missing. Without it there is no traffic isolation possible (I
 have not checked how the respective Orbot setting works but it is
 independent from Tor Browser for Android). We get the regular isolation of
 cookies and storage etc., though, as this is a browser-only feature. Thus,
 I think we need to adapt those two parts.

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