[tbb-bugs] #27261 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor Browser 8.0a9/10 gets stuck in an endless reload cycle

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Wed Aug 22 11:46:07 UTC 2018

#27261: Tor Browser 8.0a9/10 gets stuck in an endless reload cycle
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 * keywords:  TorBrowserTeam201808, ff60-esr => TorBrowserTeam201808,
     ff60-esr, noscript
 * cc: ma1 (added)


 I looked a bit closer. The steps to reproduce are
 1) Take a fresh Tor Browser 8.0a10
 2) After opening go to torproject.org
 3) Close the browser
 4) Do steps 2) + 3) twice again
 5) torproject.org and any other site are endlessly reloading.

 I took a profile snapshot after step 3) and after step 5). Diffing them
 leads (among other things) to:
 diff -r profile.default_first_start/compatibility.ini
 < InvalidateCaches=1
 So, setting back `InvalidateCaches=1` in `compatibility.ini` mitigates the
 issue. That's the first hint.

 But the ultimate problem lies in NoScript. Disabling that extension makes
 the problem non-existent once it has been visible. As soon as I enabled
 NoScript again the endless redirecting shows up again.

 Giorgio: could you please help with this bug? It's a release blocker for
 us and we have less than two weeks before we start building Tor Browser 8.

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