[tbb-bugs] #27128 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Consider homogenizing HTTP/2 Settings prefs.

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Mon Aug 13 21:04:29 UTC 2018

#27128: Consider homogenizing HTTP/2 Settings prefs.
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 From #14592:

 > * SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE depends on the "network.http.spdy.default-
 hpack-buffer" pref. In Firefox it is set by default to 65536 on desktop
 and 4096 on mobile.
 "network.http.spdy.allow-push" pref, which is "true" by default.
 > * SETTINGS_INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE depends on "network.http.spdy.push-
 allowance", which is 131072 on desktop and 32768 on mobile by default.
 > * SETTINGS_MAX_FRAME_SIZE is always set to 0x4000.
 > The above prefs don't provide significant entropy, unless the user has
 modified the one or more of them from their default value. Otherwise they
 mainly serve to distinguish different browsers or platforms.

 We could consider making these prefs all the same, to avoid this extra
 distinction between platforms. But are there performance drawbacks?

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