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#27028: UX: Indicate current download progress
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 While training journalists on the use of SecureDrop, which heavily uses
 Tor Browser as its primary interface, users consistently confuse the arrow
 flash animation over the hamburger menu in the Tor Browser as a sign that
 the download they started has ''completed'', rather than simply having
 been ''started.'' They panic when a partial file they prematurely copied
 fails to open, and someone ends up having to make a house call to let them
 know the file wasn't finished downloading.


 Vanilla Firefox makes a nominal effort to address this with an arrow
 button appearing in the toolbar aside from the hamburger menu which
 indicates download progress. Including this existing Firefox feature into
 the Tor Browser would be a useful first step, however, other browsers have
 solved the potential for this kind of user confusion by showing individual
 download progress in a new toolbar. Copying what Brave Browser does (see
 image here: https://imgur.com/LZU7hAo), for example, would much more
 effectively help prevent confusion on the user's end and should be
 implemented in Tor Browser, then pushed upstream to Firefox.

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