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#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
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Changes (by mcs):

 * cc: isabela, antonela, tbb-team (added)
 * status:  new => needs_information


 Kathy and I encountered some issues while implementing the Moat UI that is
 spec'd here:

 Here is the result when we try to place this design in the setup wizard:


 Notice that the proxy settings are not close to fitting within what is
 already a fairly large dialog box. We could make the captcha image a lot
 smaller, but then it will be even more difficult to solve.

 Next, we experimented with a horizontal layout:


 This is better in terms of space used, although the proxy settings still
 do not fit well. And the horizontal layout is awkward from a UX
 perspective (e.g., the text input box is to the right of the image instead
 of below). We also made the captcha image half size and you can see that
 it becomes challenging to decipher.

 While working on this, we also realized that there are a number of
 interaction problems with the current design:
 * What do we do after a bridge is received via moat? The obvious answer is
 that the bridge configuration line will show up in the "Provide a bridge I
 know" text area. But that means that having a radio button for the moat
 interaction does not make a lot of sense; it is a short-lived modal
 interaction (stop what you are doing, interact with BridgeDB, done) rather
 than a state that needs to be maintained.
 * There needs to be a way to cancel the moat interaction. Within the
 existing design that could be done by choosing a different radio button,
 but we may want to provide a more obvious way to cancel.
 * There should be a Submit button (pressing Return/Enter should also work
 of course).
 * There should be a way to request a different captcha image; we need a
 "reload" button.

 All of this led us to mock up a new design, and we would like everyone's
 input (especially the UX team's). Here is our proposed configuration


 Next, after the user clicks "Get a Bridge For Me" button, an overlay is
 used for the Moat interaction:


 Is this a good direction to pursue? Kathy and I like it and think it
 solves the problems inherent in the original design, but we are also open
 to other ideas.

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