[tbb-bugs] #24243 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor Browser only render HTML for local pages via file://, no images/CSS

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#24243: Tor Browser only render HTML for local pages via file://, no images/CSS
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 In Tor Browser 7.0.10 (and earlier too, see below), if I open a local page
 via `file://` only the HTML is rendered, but images are broken and CSS
 isn't applied at all. For Tails this breaks several important features,
 like reading the local copy of the documentation (e.g. when offline) and
 the start page for our Unsafe Browser.

 This breakage started earlier, and it is a bit "interesting":

 * Tor Browser 7.0.7 is the last ok release (both images and CSS loads).

 * Tor Browser 7.0.7 -> 7.0.8 only upgrades Torbutton ->
 which only updates some translations + fixups on the donation banner. That
 is somehow enough to break images on local pages (but CSS is still fine).
 Disabling Torbutton makes the images work again.

 * Tor Browser 7.0.8 -> 7.0.9 only fixes #24052 ("Streamline handling of
 file:// resources") which breaks both images and CSS. I say "both" despite
 the previous bullet indicating that Torbutton is responsible for breaking
 images, because disabling Torbutton no longer fixes image loading in this
 version. So it indeed seems that the fix for #24502 alone breaks both CSS
 and images.

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