[tbb-bugs] #22406 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor hangs when I try to access guardian.com Cartoons with 5 tabs open (cartoon page + 4 cartoons)

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Mon May 29 11:39:15 UTC 2017

#22406: Tor hangs when I try to access guardian.com Cartoons with 5 tabs open
(cartoon page + 4 cartoons)
 Reporter:  mwolfe                    |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by mwolfe):

 My Macbook was crashing occasionally when watching videos in the original
 OS, Snow Leopard. I finally upgraded to El Capitan, and it began crashing
 several times a day, so I checked, and found that the NVIDIA graphics card
 was the problem, all my crashes say 'graphics panic'. The solution was to
 install gfxCardStatus that blocks the NVIDIA discrete graphics and uses
 the Intel CPU integrated graphics.

 gfxCardStatus shows whether the Macbook is using integrated or discrete
 graphics. When I start Safari, the Macbook remains in integrated graphics
 mode, but some graphics cause Safari to switch to discrete graphics and
 crash the Macbook. Torbrowser starts in discrete graphics mode, and, if I
 don't immediately quit, will soon crash the Macbook with a 'graphics

 With gfxCardStatus installed and set to block discrete graphics,
 Torbrowser often crashes. It depends on the site, the complexity of the
 graphics, and how many taps I have open.

 When reading a news site, I keep the home page in the left-most tab, and
 the articles I'm reading in other tabs. Likewise when I'm checking the
 comics for the day. If I open enough tabs, Torbrower crashes.

 If running a debug version might help, I'd be happy to do it.

 I think there must be a few others running older Macbooks and Torbrowser.

 I don't have a copy of Firefox without Torbutton installed. If I don't
 care who knows what I'm looking at (or who's making comments to articles
 with which I think it might be dangerous to be associated), I use Safari.

 Again, if you don't have an older Macbook, I understand Macbooks made
 after 2012 don't have the problem and would not be able to reproduce my

 You might be able to reproduce my crashes if you had gfxCardStatus
 installed to prevent Torbrowser from accessing the discrete graphics chip,
 but I'm not sure. I just know I have an older Macbook with a problem, a
 kludge I use to get around the problem, and not enough cash to replace the

 Anything I can do to help the Torproject, I'd be very happy to try.

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