[tbb-bugs] #22361 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Some binaries are missing RELRO in latest linux nightly builds

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#22361: Some binaries are missing RELRO in latest linux nightly builds
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 In the latest nightly builds, the following binaries are missing RELRO:

 When integrating Selfrando (#20683), we added our build of gcc and binutil
 to the PATH, to use them for building elfutils and selfrando. However, our
 gcc and binutils are now also used for the following builds that are done
 in `gitian/descriptors/linux/gitian-utils.yml`. This also means that the
 hardening wrappers are not used anymore.

 To fix that, we can either:

 - reset the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to their previous value after
 building selfrando, to keep using the system compiler (and the hardened
 wrapper) for the other components
 - use our gcc build to build the other components, but copy hardened-cc to
 our gcc build directory, in the same way that we are doing in
 `gitian/descriptors/linux/gitian-firefox.yml`, to make sure we are using
 the hardening wrapper

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