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#19048: Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented bugs since FF45esr
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Comment (by mcs):

 Here are the items that Kathy and I found for Firefox 52:

 a) As I mentioned in comment:4, captive portal detection is enabled in
 FF52. It won't be useful over Tor, so we should disable it via `network
 .captive-portal-service.enabled = false`. I thought we already had a
 ticket for this, but I cannot find it.

 b) MediaError has gained a message property that may include system
 information. We should make sure it does not provide fingerprintable
 about the user's computer.

 c) Kathy and I don't fully understand what was done in the following bug
 how it affects our use of the --disable-eme configure flag:
 Maybe the difference is that now the framework that supports EME is always
 built and --disable-eme only skips building the bundled providers?

 d) The CustomElementRegistry.get() method of the Web Components API has
 been implemented. It looks like all of the custom element features are
 disabled via `dom.webcomponents.customelements.enabled = false`, but
 eventually we should make sure that these APIs do not introduce any
 linkability problems

 e) A note related to e10s: use of accessibility tools is no longer a
 reason to disable e10s (it was for Firefox 48-51, as I noted in

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