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#22770: Cookie protections dialog cannot delete cookies after upgrade
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 The following is originally reported by someone with an offsensive
 username. The person reports using XP SP3. It is unclear whether or not he
 still has unsupported addons or modifications to cache/history settings.



 Cookie protections dialog cannot delete cookies after I upgraded
 TorBrowser and restarted it.

 1. Had TorBrowser 6.5.x (running)
 2. Updated to 7.0.1
 3. Killed TorBrowser process
 4. Started TorBrowser (7.0.1)
 5. Tabs got recovered (NOTE: for some reason didn't show me tab recovery
 6. Now when I use Cookie protections dialog, I click to delete cookies,
 but when I click OK and close dialog, all cookies are still there!!! I
 reopen Cookie protections dialog and they are still in. They aren't
 protected but behave like they were.
 7. When I open Tools->Options->Privacy->cookies, I can properly delete
 cookies from there.

 I haven't restart browser yet so don't know if it happens after restart.

 It's critical privacy bug. You think you deleted cookies so you reload
 page with new circuit, but in fact, you are using your old cookies and
 they will know it's same person. They will link your two accounts.

 Also, when I click to protect or unprotect cookie in the dialog, and click
 OK, it gets saved. When I reopen dialog I see that it's saved what I
 protected. But cannot delete cookies.


 Finally, I restarted TorBrowser (7.0.1). It's still broken, restart
 doesn't help.


 The save image/page bugs were indeed fixed by updating old addons, but I
 noticed this cookie bug is still present, so I reopen it.
 As said initially, marking cookies as protected/unprotected works
 correctly, but it's not possible to delete cookies (they are deleted from
 dialog but reappear when you open it again). Deleting cookies from
 Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies works totally fine.

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