[tbb-bugs] #22699 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Use browser pref for javascript at High Security Level

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Thu Jun 22 19:02:24 UTC 2017

#22699: Use browser pref for javascript at High Security Level
     Reporter:  mikeperry                 |      Owner:  tbb-team
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     Severity:  Normal                    |   Keywords:  tbb-security
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 It would be wise to set javascript.enabled to false in about:config at the
 high security level, in addition to having NoScript disable scripting for
 us. This should be an easy change, and there is no reason to exclusively
 depend on NoScript. NoScript could miss something, especially if the e10s
 transition caused a lot of upheaval.

 (Similarly, Firefox could miss something, since javascript.enabled is no
 longer a UI-exposed pref, so we should do both, for defense in depth.)

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