[tbb-bugs] #22396 [Applications/Tor Browser]: What does "never for this site" for the canvas warning really mean?

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#22396: What does "never for this site" for the canvas warning really mean?
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Comment (by linda):

 Replying to [comment:4 gk]:
 > Raising awareness for the UX-people. FWIW: We had requests as well to
 add an "not ever" option (#18027). Might be time to give the whole warning
 dialog a bit more thought: What options do we really want to have there?
 What is meaningful to users at all? And how do we convey the options? And
 of course: Does it make sense at all to have such a doorhanger given
 warning fatigue etc.? And if not, what could/should we do instead?

 I agree that we should give the warning dialogue more thought. Even if it
 does catch user preferences, it would be tiring to set it up every single
 time you started tor browser. The better thing to do is to not show the
 popup so frequently to users.

 That being said, it is way better to users to ask them with good context,
 so I think showing a popup when they first encounter it is a good thing.
 (i.e., asking about the canvas warning at a relevant time, and not during
 setup, will give users a better idea about what they are saying yes and no
 to. It's kind of like if I asked you what you wanted to sit a the right
 side or left side of the table a party a month from now without telling
 you who's sitting on each side, what the room looks like, etc.)

 Until we get that going, I think that changing the text to "not for this
 session" is a good band-aid fix.

 I think that changing the popup use to record preferences + onboarding
 users correctly and setting expectations that tor browser erases all data
 when you close it + changing wording is the best scenario.

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