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#22547: Suddenly Tor Browser is not the default browser anymore
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 In one of my computers, I've setup Tor Browser to be the default browser
 to open links from other applications where I can't easily copy the link
 manually. This usually makes things more convenient.

 After upgrading to TB 7.0 I realized that all links are being opened by
 Firefox instead, while still labeled as Tor Browser on the Application
 Launcher menu.

 I tried going to `about:preferences` page and try to make Tor Browser
 default again, at first the `Make Default` button didn't seem to function
 but after realizing there was a "pop up" window under the current active
 window (this is probably MacOS problem?), it seems like I have to choose
 between "Tor Browser" and "Tor Browser", which is pretty confusing because
 clearly one of them means "Firefox" and not "Tor Browser".

 Seems like something's triggering MacOS to think Firefox is Tor Browser or
 the other way around. Either way, it seems a bit dangerous especially
 because of the similarities between FF and TB look and feel. I bet most
 people won't even realize the links are opened in FF and on clearnet.

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