[tbb-bugs] #22506 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Torbrowser 7.0 dalayed startup with certain addons (with filter lists)

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Tue Jun 6 11:50:23 UTC 2017

#22506: Torbrowser 7.0 dalayed startup with certain addons (with filter lists)
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 How to reproduce:
 - Use the latest unofficial Tor Browser (same result for version 7.0a3,
 7.04a, 7.0-build1 and 7.0)
 - It will launch just fine without problems
 - Go to "Get Add-ons" and just as an example install "uBlock Origin"
 - After it installed you will see the browser get extremely laggy and
 freeze for some seconds
 - Restart the browser and see how it will take abnormally long to start

 The reason are the filter lists of the addon
 If you disable the filters, the problem is gone
 (does not make any sense with a filter list based blocker however, so not
 a solution)
 This also goes for all other addons with filter lists like:
 uMatrix, Ghostery, Adblock Plus, ... etc

 In previous versions of Tor Browser there is also a small delay
 but not even far as drastically as it is with Tor Browser 7.0
 Also it is not a problem with original Firefox 52ESR itself as the problem
 does not occure there.
 Thus it must be a Problem with Tor Browser 7.0

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