[tbb-bugs] #22981 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security

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Sun Jul 30 06:56:03 UTC 2017

#22981: Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 One other potentially useful comparison is the threat of exploits via
 content JS (non-JITed) vs the threat from video (and audio). Skimming
 through [https://www.cvedetails.com/product/3264/Mozilla-
 Firefox.html?vendor_id=452 Firefox's list of historical vulnerabilities]
 gives me the impression that the threat from scripts is higher than that
 from video. (Please correct me if I'm somehow getting the wrong
 impression.) A higher risk from scripts also appeals to my intuition,
 given that the C++ codebase exercised by Web APIs is pretty huge.

 If it's true that scripts pose a greater threat than video, the benefit of
 blocking videos while allowing scripts seems not so compelling.

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