[tbb-bugs] #22981 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security

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#22981: Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:1 gk]:
 > Replying to [ticket:22981 arthuredelstein]:

 > I think before seriously thinking about not blocking audio/video anymore
 for HTTPS pages we should investigate how complex the click-to-play thing
 is and whether we could simplify it to a point where that alone would be a
 sufficient usability improvement.

 I agree that would be a good idea and would at least partially address the
 underlying problem. I opened #22985 to investigate this issue.

 My hope, though, is to make Medium Security more attractive so that more
 users will use it and have better protection. Because I think the threat
 both from JS and video/audio is much, much higher on non-https sites than
 on https sites, it seems appropriate to consider treating those two
 categories of sites differently at Medium Security (or possibly even Low

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