[tbb-bugs] #22985 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Can we simplify and clarify click-to-play of audio/video?

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#22985: Can we simplify and clarify click-to-play of audio/video?
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 Right now click-to-play of videos is quite cumbersome and has poor
 usability. For example on youtube, this is what I observe on Medium

 * On first page load, no video or audio is visible -- the video box is
 gray. A "musical notes" icon appears in the middle of the video box, and
 an "orbiting dots" indicator seems to indicate some problem loading. After
 a few seconds the video box goes black and it says "an error occured."
 Then after another few seconds the "musical notes" icon reappears.

 * If I click on the "musical notes" icon, then a confirmation box appears,
 that says "Temporarily allow ... [URLs and codec gibberish]". If I click
 OK, then the whole page reloads. Again I get a gray video box with
 orbiting dots. This time there is a film canister icon in the middle of
 the dots.

 * If I click on the film canister it says, "Temporarily allow [URL and
 more codec gibberish]". again I click OK, the page reloads and the video
 finally plays.

 So here, click-to-play required two clicks and two reloads (plus
 confirmation clicks). Ideally it should require only one reload. The
 option to click to play the video should be much more clear (it should
 probably have the text "Click to Play"). If there is a confirmation
 prompt, then it should clearly explain to that video/audio is about to be
 loaded, and what the security concerns are.

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