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#22814: Disable clipboard.autocopy in TOR Browser
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 On Linux Mint KDE (and possibly other distros) clicking with the mouse
 wheel on an empty (non-linked) area of a web page in Firefox will take you
 back to a previously closed page.

 This also works if the page was in an already closed private window.

 It also works if the page was in a TOR Browser instance after doing
 "create new identity".

 Most hilariously, it is possible to reopen a closed page from before an
 identity change in a separate instance of normal Firefox.

 Changing clipboard.autocopy to false in about:config stops this behavior.

 In my opinion this is a highly questionable "feature" under any
 circumstances, but in the context of TOR Browser this should be considered
 a major security risk. Please disable this option by default.

 This behavior is present in TOR Browser 7.0.2 on Linux Mint 18.2, but I
 have observed it in several older versions of both TOR Browser and Mint
 going back several years.

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