[tbb-bugs] #20951 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Back out Unix domain socket related patches for Tor Browser 6.5

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#20951: Back out Unix domain socket related patches for Tor Browser 6.5
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:3 gk]:
 > So, we are removing the patch for bug 1211567 but keep the fix for
 #19733? Does that scenario gain anybody anything? Or, if we want to keep
 #19733, the scenario to keep 1211567 as well?

 Thanks for the review.

 Our rationale for keeping the #19733 fix is that we thought there was a
 sandbox scenario (reported by Yawning) where Torbutton saw a Unix domain
 sockets SocksPort (via the control port) even when the browser itself was
 not directly using a Unix domain socket.  Including the #19733 fix seems
 safe to Kathy and me and avoids an ugly "unexpected tor response" log
 message.  But we don't think it makes sense to keep the 1211567 fix unless
 we keep all of the browser patches.

 > FWIW: I probably won't apply the tor-browser patches but rather omit the
 patches we don't want to have when rebasing.

 That makes sense.

 > The tor-launcher changes look fine to me. Note: `master` is used for the
 hardened series where we just keep the unix domain socket support. So, the
 patches should have been against `maint-0.2.10`. There is no need to
 create new ones, though, the resulting small conflict in the prefs file is
 easy to solve when preparing the stable branch.

 OK. Kathy and I forgot that alpha is not built from Tor Launcher master.

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